Martina M. Cartwright, Ph.D., R.D.
Keynote Speaker     Consultant     Author


Martina has 20+ years experience as a Keynote Public Speaker and Educator
Below is a partial listing of her most popular presentations:

  • Investing in Successful Start-ups: 10 Tips for Business Execs
  • Regulatory Compliance for Start-ups & Established Companies: What Does the FDA Mean & How to Stay Compliant
  • FDA Guidance: Tips for Marketing & Medical Personnel
  • Ebola and Infectious Diseases: How to Prepare for Disasters
  • Seven Steps to Healthy Habit Change
  • Mindful Habit Transformation
  • Body Image and the Professional Woman
  • Princess by Proxy: What Child Beauty Pageants Teach Girls About Body Image and Self-Esteem
  • Achievement by Proxy: Recognizing Pushy Sports Parents and Pageant Moms (a course for mental health professionals, coaches and teachers)
  • Critical Care Nutrition and Tube Feedings (a course for nurses, attorneys and healthcare professionals)
  • Practical Nutrition and Supplement Use
  • Orthorexia Nervosa: When Good Diets Go Bad
  • How to Stay Fit on the Road:  A Road Warriors Guide to Keeping Fit on the Go  (designed for executives who travel a lot...based on Martina's own experiences)
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    1. Body Image for the Professional Woman. Rowan Industries, Houston TX June 2013
    2. Energy Drinks: What doctors need to know. Western States Osteopathic Society Annual Meeting. Las Vegas April 2013.
    3. Hospital malnutrition: What doctors can do about it. Western States Osteopathic Society Annual Meeting. Las Vegas April 2013.
    4. Nutrient deficiencies as a cause of re-admission. Western States Osteopathic Society Annual Meeting.  Las Vegas May 2012.
    5. Nutrition and skin health: from acne to wounds.  Western States Osteopathic Society Annual Meeting. Las Vegas May 2012.
    6. Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Acquired Weakness: Identifying Molecular and Clinical Mechanisms. University of Arizona graduate research symposia. February 2012.
    7. Advanced Nutrition Support: Using Common Sense Approaches to Improve Patient Outcomes.  Advanced Nutritional Sciences symposium.  University of Arizona College of Medicine, January 2012.
    8. Building and Maintaining KOL relationships.  Invited Presentation, Thermo-Fisher Scientific (Brahms); Medical Liaison Team Building event. San Francisco, October 2011.
    9. How to Stay Fit on the Road. Thermo Sales Associates meeting. Las Vegas, June 2011
    10. On the Go Fitness. Thermo-Fisher Scientific sales representatives quarterly meeting. Scottsdale AZ, May 2011.
    11. Combating Stress in the Workplace & Avoiding Mindless Eating. Eli Lilly & Company Corporate Wellness Program. April 2011.
    12. Vitamin D: Super vitamin or hype?  Western States Osteopathic Physician Convention, April 2011.
    13. Fat Facts: The amazing fat cell.  Western States Osteopathic Convention, April 2011.
    14. Don’t Invest in BS. Smith Barney Regional meeting, Indianapolis IN. March 2011.
    15. A Doctors Guide to Investing in Biotech.  UNSOM. Las Vegas, NV. March 2011.
    16. A Decade of Nutrition: 2000-2010. A Review of Major Nutrition Discoveries and Trends.   Western States Osteopathic Convention, May 2010.
    17. Top 10 Supplements. What Doctors Need to Know.  Western States Osteopathic Convention. May 2010
    18. Patients Gone W.I.L.D: Reducing Re-admissions and Improving Clinical Outcomes.  Critical Care Nurse Annual Meeting; Las Vegas, April 2010.
    19. Orthorexia nervosa: when healthy eating goes haywire: San Diego Dietetic Association annual meeting, March 2010.
    20. Trends in Weight Management. Southwestern States Osteopathic Annual Convention, April 2009
    21. Stress and Diet: The waistline connection.  Southwestern States Osteopathic Annual Convention, April 2009.
    22. Nutrition and Home Care: Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) Tubes.  Invited speaker, Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR) 2009 annual meeting, San Diego
    23. The Epidemic of Childhood and Adult Obesity: Practical Answers, Practical Meal Plans; Southwestern States Osteopathic Convention, April 2008
    24. Orthorexia Nervosa and Other Disordered Patterns of Eating.  Southwestern States Osteopathic Convention, April 2007
    25. Heart Healthy Diets.  Southwestern States Osteopathic Convention, April 2006.
    26. The Influence of Diet on Inflammatory Conditions.  Southwestern States Osteopathic Convention, April, 2006.
    27. Immunonutrition 101 for nurses.  Critical Care/Oncology  Nursing Program, Las Vegas NV, 2004.
    28. Childhood obesity. USC School of Pharmacy 47th Annual Meeting, Maui HI, 2004.
    29. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: A Review. USC School of Pharmacy 47th Annual Meeting, Maui HI, 2004.

    "Dr. Cartwright is an engaging and informative speaker.  Her diverse knowledge and incorporation of real-life stories make her talks interesting and practical.  She bridges science and clinical practice flawlessly."
                                    Beverly, RN, Atlanta GA

    "Martina's spectrum of nutrition knowledge and up to date information help me as a coach pf young athletes.  Never heard of Achievement by Proxy until Dr. Martina. Wow! Does that explain a lot about some of the parents I deal with."  
    Jim, Coach, Phoenix AZ

    "Dr. Cartwright's advice on nutrition has helped my dancers achieve a new level of performance!" 
       Angie, Scottsdale AZ

    "I've been struggling with eating right on the road.  Martina's practical tips from her experience as a road warrior herself, coupled with her dietitian background gave me the ideas I needed to follow healthy habits while traveling for business." 
       Jennifer, Los Angeles, CA

    "Professor Cartwright's knowledge of critical care nutrition and it's application to our patients has caused us to change our in-hospital and discharge practices.  An entertaining and engaging speaker, her case studies reflected patients we see every day.                    Debbie, Greensboro, NC

    "We totally LOVE her!." 
                 Carly, student, Scottsdale Community College, AZ

    "Dr. Cartwright enjoys what she does which is to educate and inform using strong scientific principles as her basis.  I feel confident about the accuracy of the nutrition information she provides."  
                 Martin, Denver, CO
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