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Martina writes regularly for Psychology Today in her "Food for Thought" column. Dr. Cartwright has published several articles on Child Beauty Pageants and is an expert in this field.

Check out DemandMedia studios for other articles by Martina. She has written articles for TheNestWoman, the San Francisco Chronicle and she is a regular blogger for the Huffington Post.

Dr. Martina has shared her expertise on child pageants, fad diets and orthorexia nervosa for More, People , Health, Redbook and Self magazines.,,20531172,00.html

Dr. Cartwright's research has been featured in several top medical journals:

Cartwright, MM.  "Princess by Proxy:  What Child Beauty Pageants Teach Girls About Self-Esteem And What We Can Do About It."  JAACAP.  51 (11): 1105-07, 2012.

Cartwright, MM
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Dr. Cartwright is a contributing editor and expert consultant to IDEA Fitness Journal

Cartwright, MM "Realistic Resolutions." IDEA FITNESS Journal. November 2012.

Cartwright, MM.
“Recipe for Great Summer Skin”  IDEA FITNESS Journal, June 2012 (featured invited article).

Cartwright, MM. “How Friends Influence Weight,” IDEA FITNESS Journal, February 2012.

Cartwright, MM
. “Taking Off Recession Pounds.”  IDEA FITNESS Journal.
September 2011.  

IDEA Expert and Contributing Editor, September 2012-present

The Angel Academy: A Tale of Heavenly Spirits in Training
A children's book by Martina M. Cartwright, Ph.D, RD

Dr. Martina has written one of the first children's books to discuss the difficult issue of critical illness and death in children.  Based on her experiences with hospitalized kids and their families, The Angel Academy follows 8 year old Ben, a child with cancer.  The story provides comfort to parents, siblings and caregivers who have been touched by a child with critical illness.

The Angel Academy: A Tale of Heavenly Spirits in Training


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